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GD Technology is a well-known chemical company. Our arn’t only an industrial chemical service provider, but also a comprehensive solution developer with adhesive technology as the core. It always adheres to the concept of "attentive, professional and trustworthy" to provide customers with high value-added services and support.

GD Technology mainly provides targeted chemical solutions for industrial assembly, artificial intelligence, optics, electronic packaging, technology development, chip, semiconductor, new energy, maintenance or overhaul, metal processing and other industries. The product process covers bonding, fixing, sealing, pouring, laminating, microporous infiltration, cleaning, demoulding, metal processing, surface treatment, preformed vibration and noise reduction products and auxiliary equipment. The product category covers thread locking anaerobic adhesive, pipeline sealing, plane sealing, instant bonding, silica gel, surface treatment, circuit board assembly, polyurethane, repair agent, grinding, epoxy resin bonding Structural adhesive, semiconductor packaging, molding, coating, release agent. It is widely used in communication, transportation, industry, electronics, medical treatment, electricity, aerospace, packaging and paper, construction and furniture, home, school and office.

GD Technology sells Loctite, Emerson & curming, Ablestik, Bergquist, Hysol, Alodine, P3, frekote, Multan, Adhesin, Liopol, Technomelt, Teroson, Terostat, Bonderite, Aquence, Pattex series products, Aron alpha, Aronix, Aron mighty, Aron oxetane, Aron melt, Extra, Krazzy series products, Honde, Hylomar series products. ShinEtsu, Dowsil, Momentive, Wacker, Huntsman, Threebond, Elantas, Masterbond, Plexus, Devcon, Bostik, Dymax, Cytec, Alteco, Sika, Delo, Epotek, Cemedine, 3M, Lord, Humiseal, Stoner and other brands.

Customer care and support is the driving force of GD Technology. We firmly believe that improving process flow will improve product quality, reduce waste and production cost for customers; simplifying purchase flow and providing one-stop purchase service will improve work efficiency and reduce management cost for customers. We look forward to working with you to provide you with high value-added services and enhance competitiveness.

GD Technology will continue to introduce more high-quality brand products and provide more comprehensive service support for more customers.